Niche Drift

April 2008,
at Tiger Cub
Seattle, WA

Biotechnology is a field with explosive growth at this time. As we reverse engineer the human body, we can begin to change it. For the first time in human history we are halting the natural development of evolution, and edging toward a cure for death - so to speak.
As decades pass, we are slowing the speed of aging. The trend of technology is that it expands at exponential rates, building upon discoveries of the past. In 1900 US life expectancy was 47. Currently its about 76. Where will we be in 100 more years, and what will our world look like?

Looking toward the future, I see an eerie ambiguity as to what will become of the natural state of our planet. This has caused me to take in natural forms and patterns with a complexion more curious than ever before. Through my work I want to pass along my fascination and confront the waning stewardship for our environment and the fate of our own species.

Installation view - porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain