Lights & Magic
Universal Truths Through Truths About the Universe
Sculpture, Installation, Drawings and Prints by Jess Rees

October 11 to November 10, 2012
Opening Reception: October 11, 2012, 5-9pm

Ghost Gallery presents Jess Rees’s works of Sculpture, Watercolor Paintings, Silk Screen Prints and a room sized Installation representing galaxies, atoms, and everything in between. Dismissing the self reflective in favor of objective, the work in this show seeks to present universal truths through truths about our world. Steeped in the history of both minimalist and post minimalist art, the work combines and overlaps elements of each, from precise uniform literal realities, to the delicate subtleties and variations of human perception. It takes in and digests information of a grand unalterable scheme and recites it with a soft voice of its own. The sculpture and installation work, as is often the case, is completed with the viewers experience, and the physical relationship formed between them. The purpose and end goal of the work is to help the viewer put themselves into perspective with their immediate environment, the world and the universe at large.

Collaborators on Installation Piece: artist Jihee Kim, and sound designer Brian Cervino.

“The most interesting thing I found to think about was the distance between the earth, the sun and the next nearest star. The sun is the primary source of energy for life on earth. Every day we see it rise, it gives us warmth, it makes the grass grow, and it sets to rise the next day. Yet it is an unfathomable distance away. On a human scale, for example, it would take 175 years driving a car at 60 miles an hour 24 hours a day to reach the sun. Not that there's a road to drive on, but that's a long way. Now, multiply that by 271,000 - and you have the distance to the next nearest star. So to say it's far, I think, would be an understatement.” Jess Rees