Field Guide to North American Feathers

Many times I ask myself why I am making a certain project. What is the purpose of what I am doing and what greater good is it going to provide for the world (or at least for me)? Often times I don't have clear cut answers to these questions, but for this project I did.

I wanted to make something that was both beautiful and completely functional. I love field guides, and as anyone who has seen my library can attest I have collected quite a few. Categorizing nature is a strange thing, and I am fascinated by it. Linnaeus would have been a friend of mine.

Here is my attempt at coming up with a field guide. Hopefully it is the first of many. My current obsession is drawing feathers, so it made sense to use plumage as the subject matter. If you like it and want to see all 27 pages, you can get a copy in my SHOP.