Treasures, Feathers and Other Things
Exhibit at Cakespy Gallery, Seattle WA 03.11 - 04.11

Show Statement:

“I've always been a bit of a naturalist, observing, investigating and collecting interesting
things. Feathers are no exception. Their beauty and complexity is inspiring.

“Most of these watercolor paintings are based at least in some part on a real
feather, ranging from field guide identification style to imagined new species, and
everything in between. (The colors often veer further from the truth than the forms
do.) The paintings are meant not only to be a reference, but also a call to attention
and observance of wildlife.

“The medium for the feather collage is urban and suburban bird feathers, collected
over a period of one year, in Washington, Vermont, New York and New Jersey.
They are collaged together and placed inside a window frame. This collage represents
the elements of nature that urban dwellers see frequently, yet often go unnoticed.
Whether we choose to recognize the beauty in the creatures that surround us,
or are completely unaware of them, they inhabit the same living space as humans,
and we help shape each others lives.

“As for the cabinet of treasures, I hope you enjoy looking into it as much as I did
collecting the items inside. They are bits and pieces of time spent in california, vermont,
france, oregon, new york, victoria, barcelona, washington, and new jersey. -jr

-inquire for sale about these watercolor paintings, they range in size from 3x5 to 8x10

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