Jess Rees is a Brooklyn & Seattle based artist and designer whose work explores the delicate balance between the built and natural landscapes. Through painting, installation and sculpture, she is interested in exploring how a persons perceived environment impacts their mood and impressions of the world. Themes of ecology, biology, architecture and history run through the work. Her favorite materials are watercolor, porcelain, light and natural ephemera. She has shown her work in Seattle and New York, and has contributed to community art projects for Sound Transit, Seattle Artwalk, and The Vera Project.



2013 Starry Night Artist Residency - Truth or Consequences, NM
2007 Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. BFA Visual Art, Minor in Art History
2005 The Louvre, Paris, France
2002 Art Students League, New York, NY


- Paper Jam - Invitational Group Show - Black Bone Gallery, Austin, TX

- Volumetric - Solo Show - LxWxH, Seattle, WA
- Abreaction - Performance Installation with Lynn Hunter and Hannah Schultz - Group Show - Freeman Space, Brooklyn, NY

- CONNECTED: Group Show - Curator - Artist Alliance/Cuchifritos Gallery, New York, NY
- Vigil : Inspired by Memory, Group Show - LoveCityLove, Seattle, WA
- Waves of Change, Group Show - Hasted Kraeutler, New York, NY

- Coffee For The Kids - Cafe Vita Concert Poster Show with Vera Project - Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
- AIGA Pop Up Market - Melrose Market, Seattle, WA
- Feather Collection - Vino Verite, Seattle, WA
- Short Run Small Press Fest - Exhibitor - Seattle, WA
- Handbound - Select Group Show for Short Run - SOIL, Seattle, WA
- Lights & Magic - Solo Exhibition - Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA
- Souvenirs - Group Show with Guy Merrill - All City Art, Georgetown, Seattle, WA
- Spectrecle - Multimedia Artist Event - Georgetown, Seattle, WA
- Diversity in Silkscreen - Group Show - Vera Project, Seattle, WA
- One Hundred Dollars, Group Show - Littlefield Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Capitol Hill Block Party - Public Art Installation of "Caves" with Jihee Kim
- Sweet Fruit, Group Show curated by Sharon Arnold - Roq La Rue - Seattle, WA
- Holland Editions Print Collaboration -
- New Watercolors, Caffe Vita - Seattle, WA
- Seattle Art Walk Calendar - Organizer, Print Zero Studios - Seattle, WA

- The Matryoshka Show at Ghost Gallery - Seattle, WA
- Sound Transit Wall Art, Capitol Hill Light Rail Station - Public Arts Project - Spring 2011, ongoing installation
- Pretty Little Things, Solo Exhibition - Cakespy Gallery - Seattle, WA
- Light on White - Installation at Tink Tank, The Hideout - Seattle, WA - March to October 2011
- Ecotone, Select Group Show at Ghost Gallery - Seattle, WA
- Seattle Art Walk Calendar - Organizer, Print Zero Studios - Seattle, WA

- Mini Art, Ghost Gallery Group Show, Seattle, WA - December 2010
- Feather Collection, Velouria- Seattle, WA
- Fall Ladies Show, 20Twenty - Seattle WA - Group Show Curated by Alexa Anderson
- Analog 5, Ouch My Eye, Group Photography Show - Seattle, WA
- Perceptions of Character - Invitational Group Show, Littlefield Gallery - Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Lauren Testa and Laura Cali
- Feather Collection, Rocks Paper Scissors Gallery, Art Clash Collective Fun-A-Day - Oakland, CA
- Blanket Fort Installation - Fleatown, Seattle, WA

- Small Works, Tiny Art History @ Trapeze Art Collective - Seattle, WA
- Homage, Baby Seal Studio - Seattle, WA
- Annual Student Show, Pottery Northwest - Seattle, WA
- Absolutely Salacious, Tiny Art History @ Littlefield Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
- Things That Expand in All Directions, Fifty Fifty Arts Collective - Victoria, BC
- Fun-a-Day, Art Clash Collective - San Francisco, CA

- Snowed In, Group Show at Fat Tiger - Seattle, WA
- Niche Drift, Fat Tiger, Tiger Club Annex - 619 Western, Seattle, WA
- Bricks, Seed Gallery, Newark, NJ

- Regional BFA Exhibition, College Art Association, New York Center for Art
and Media Studies, New York, NY
- Links, Student Curated Show at LAB Space. Piscataway, NJ
- Cells, Solo Show - Public Library, Milltown, NJ

- BFA Art Open, Mason Gross
- Thought Objects, Student Curated Show at LAB Space. Piscataway, NJ

- BFA Art Open, Mason Gross. Awarded "Most Innovative", New Brunswick, NJ
- Streets 2K5 - International Festival of Street Art

- BFA Art Open, Mason Gross. Awarded: "First Place Mason Gross"


- Artist Interview: Jess Rees Seeks Space. Feral Wilcox. January 10, 2014
- Short Run Small Press Fest Review. CityArts. Lillian Nickerson. November 5, 2012.
- Go and Be Among Humans Today. The Stranger SLOG. Paul Constant. November 3, 2012
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- Feather Collection, Interview with Jess Rees. Socio Tree. March 2010
- Featured Artist on "The Levee Breaking", Summer 2009


Ongoing - Freelance Graphic Design
2011 - Silkscreen instructor and poster designer, Vera Project - Seattle, WA
2010 - Web Media Intern - Ghost Gallery
2010 - Printmaker, Print Zero Studios - Seattle, WA
2009 - Ceramic Studio Assistant, Pottery Northwest - Seattle, WA
2007 - Studio Assistant, Mary Ann Strandell - West New York, NJ