I specialize in writing original music for television, commercials, film, and industrials in genres including indie, pop, electronic, rock and synth-pop.
Clients have included BBC, PBS, MTV, The History Channel, CBC, Food Network, E!, and more.
I Cant Sleep In Silence

BBC's show Skins
All of the songs in my catalog are original compositions and can be licensed for your production. I can also work with you on new tracks that will fit your specific needs.
Feel free to preview these downloadable MP3 tracks in your production. To licence tracks Contact Me
Head on HeartRock, Upbeat, Guitar Hooks, Gang Chorus
Senseless NightsRock, Fast, Guitar Driven, Melodic Chorus
A Joyous EndingFolk, Love, Banjo, Violin, Upright Bass, Piano
Babe in ArmsFolk, Male/Female Vocals, Banjo, Love
Bad Man BetterFolk Rock, Full Band, Learning Through Love
Brothers and SistersFolk, Organs, Dark, Psychadelic
CassavaPsych-folk, Ambient Guitar Textures, Hand Percussion
Come Round NowElectronic, 90s House, Night Music
Crystal DisplayElectronic, Minimal Beat, Soft Pads, Bass Driven
Easy WalkingSoundtrack, Breezy Guitar, Flowing Melody
Emma I KnowFolk, Dark Spaciousness, Sullen, Rhodes
Empty RowsFolk, Upbeat, Springtime mood, Cheerful
Feather WeightSoundtrack, Cute, Twee, Ukulele, Glockenspiel
Getting AwaySynthpop, Slow Dark Pads, Loss, Stuttering Beats
SunburstSoundtrack, Strings, Electric Guitar, Outer Space
Golden FoolsFolk, Finger Picked Guitar, Accordion, Heartfelt
HomeSynthpop, Anthemic Chorus, Rememberance
Losing GameSynthpop, Industrial Beat, Retro Synths
MagnetsElectronic, Groove Oriented Bass, Big Synth Stabs
ParisElectronic, Down-Tempo, Dark Ambiance
Say HelloElectronic, Chill Beat, Arpeggiated Melody, City Life
Shallow LifeSynthpop, Retro Synths, Drum Machine Beat
In addition to being a songwriter and performer, I have done work as a producer and engineer for local bands, as well as a sound designer and production sound recordist for independent short films. In 2010, I received audio degrees in both Digital Audio Engineering and MIDI Production from Shoreline Community College in Seattle, WA.

I have been playing music as far back as I can remember, and have been actively writing songs since I was 16 years old. My time is divided between playing in a variety of bands in New York and Seattle, touring, recording, and playing shows.


Email me at for licensing inquiries. I control all the masters to the songs in this catalog and work closely with any co-publishers, providing quick turnaround on licenses in order to fit your tight deadline requirements.

If you are interested in using any of the works in this catalog, or having me write original music for your production please contact me with your intended usage and more information about your project so we can get the conversation rolling.

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